The Lymphedema Program offers manual lymph drainage in a comprehensive program for patients with compromised lymphatic systems. Therapist trained in the manual lymph drainage work to provide a comprehensive management program and client education. (See below for more information.)

After lymph node surgery, some patients may experience tightness, heaviness or tingling in their limbs. That’s because lymph node removal may leave a limb “at risk” for swelling. 

Some of the things we treat:

  • Swelling of the limb or body part, usually arm, hand, legs and/or feet
  • Sensations of heaviness, tightness or numbness
  • Skin feeling tight
  • Decreased flexibility in the head, wrist or ankle

What is the treatment for lymphedema?

One treatment for lymphedema is decongestive lymphatic therapy. It is comprised of several elements:

  • Skin care
  • Manual lymph drainage
  • Bandaging and garments
  • Specific exercises
  • Self-care instructions
License therapists at Palmetto General Hospital provide decongestive lymphatic therapy through the Lymphedema Program.

What is the Lymphedema Program?

The Lymphedema Program is a comprehensive lymphatic program administered by specially trained therapists. A patient interested in receiving treatment for their swelling is evaluated by a physical or occupational therapist, and based upon history and condition, schedule for the individualized phase of lymphatic therapy.

What is manual lymph drainage?

Manual lymph drainage (MLD) is a specialized therapy designed to increase the natural flow of fluid in the body. The MLD technique is non-invasive, relaxing and may boost the immune and lymphatic systems.

Manual lymph drainage can be an important part of therapy in treating different kinds of lymphostatic edema including:

  • Fluid retention caused by surgery or trauma
  • Scar treatment
  • Post cosmetic surgery

Outpatient services at the center are available Monday through Friday 7am – 7pm. 

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