Surgery can seem intimidating when you don’t know what to expect. But no matter what your condition, your doctor will walk you through all of the options and information you need to best prepare for your surgery and have a successful recovery. From complex surgical cases to routine outpatient procedures, your board-certified surgeon will use some of the latest surgical techniques our advanced surgical suite. For some procedures, da Vinci® robotic surgery can decrease your risk and recovery time.

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General surgeons perform consultation and surgery on medical conditions involving the breast, endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, colon, liver, pancreas and rectum. Palmetto General Hospital offers many surgical options including outpatient or same-day surgery where you have your surgical procedure and go home later the same day.

Caring For You

Our staff is highly trained and dedicated to caring for surgery patients during the pre- and post-operative phases. Patients generally meet with members of the staff before surgery so they can discuss any questions or concerns. Our goal is to exceed your expectations when it comes to the care you’ll receive at Palmetto General Hospital.

The surgeons at Palmetto General Hospital are dedicated to continuing improvement and quality patient care. The general surgeons work closely with other specialists involved in each patient's care to diagnose and provide timely surgical intervention for complex conditions.

Going Home

After your surgical procedure, you’ll spend some time in our recovery area being monitored by our staff. When you’re ready, our staff will get you ready to go home and go over any post-surgery instructions with you and your caregiver. Remember that you’ll need someone to drive you home and stay with you after your surgery.


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