"Just For Women®" Diagnostic Center

breast image sealPalmetto General Hospital’s “Just for Women”™ Diagnostic Center is a Center of Excellence dedicated to helping women stay ahead of their health care needs. We offer many diagnostic services such as all-digital mammography, ultrasounds and bone densitometry.

We deliver all services in an atmosphere of respect and comfort for women. Every staff member works to provide patient satisfaction in all aspects of our diagnostic care.

Why Digital Mammography?

Digital mammography allows the radiologist to view the image more closely, meaning it is possible to zoom in on suspicious or concerning areas and make immediate decisions about needing additional images.

Both digital and film-screen mammograms uses X-rays to generate images of the breast, yet digital mammograms take less than half the time of traditional exams.

Digital mammograms also allow the radiologist to review the images while the patient is still in the examination room. Digital images are also more portable.


In an effort to accommodate our visitors, Palmetto General Hospital has expanded its parking lots. The front lot has now become patient parking only, and additional parking is available behind the Emergency Department and in the roof garage adjacent to the hospital.

Valet service is available in the front main entrance of the hospital and west campus entrance.

Mammogram Marathon

Help honor the women who have given so much to us. We're calling on all moms - and daughters - to protect themselves and their health by getting a digital mammogram. 

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