Patient Navigator Services

Helping You Navigate Your Healthcare Journey

Patient navigators are here to help our patients, their families and caregivers maneuver their healthcare journey and overcome medical care hurdles. Whether you just have a question or you’re looking for a second opinion, turn to our navigator for help. You don’t have to do it alone.

A patient navigator’s primary role is to nurture patient empowerment and provide information that enhances your ability to make appropriate health care choices with an enhanced assurance about risks, benefits and responsibilities. Throughout the process, the Patient Navigator will provide individualized assistance as well as education and resources to facilitate informed decisions.

The patient navigator is a key player on your team, providing knowledgeable support, compassion and encouragement through every step of your journey.

Benefits of a Patient Navigator:

  • Guide you through the healthcare system
  • Provide information and education
  • Coordinate tests and services
  • Facilitate communication with your medical team
  • Help you track and get to appointments
  • Direct you to local resources and support
  • Answer questions about classes, seminars and support groups
  • Ensure that your questions and concerns on clinical issues are resolved
  • Advocate for you during every phase of treatment

Guadalupe VelazquezMeet Gualaupe Velazquez, R.N., Certified Bariatric Nurse

Bariatric Program Coordinator

“I love being part of the process that is changing lives and improving a person’s health.” - Guadalupe Velazquez

As Bariatric Program Coordinator, bariatric nurse Guadalupe Velazquez provides support to weight-loss surgery patients and their families to ensure that our team provides the resources and education to help them improve their health and well-being. Guadalupe’s prior experience as a nurse in Surgical Services and Assistant Nurse Manager of the Bariatric program at Palmetto helped prepare her for the bariatric coordinator position. She has been in this role since 2010.

Guadalupe says it’s very rewarding to see a patient’s transformation and hear them talk about the things they are now able to do as a result of their surgery. This includes running marathons, having children and other physical activity, such as walking around the block or climbing stairs, that wasn’t possible before.

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