BrainPath technology saves dad's vision

Ronald Izquierdo, neuro patient, Palmetto General Hospital

Most families make the time to enjoy a nice family vacation together during the summer months. Ronald Izquierdo and his wife, Andreina, were no exception and decided to spend quality time with their children, Antoinette, Alexandra and Daniel. While playing with his son, Ronald received a slight hit to the eye and attributed the resulting blurred vision to this impact. As the days passed, however, his vision showed no improvement.

“My vision in that eye got so bad that it started interfering with my work as a construction supplier and handyman,” recalls Ronald. “Even my co-workers noticed that I was having trouble, and I decided it was time to seek medical help.”

During his consultation, Ronald was told that there was something reflective in his eye. After further inspection, the doctors discovered it was a tumor on his pituitary gland, which is located in the brain. Ronald’s primary care physician referred him to Dr. Jose Valerio, a neurosurgeon on the medical staff at Palmetto General Hospital.

Using a technology called BrainPath, Dr. Valerio was able to access and safely remove the tumor through Ronald’s nose. Palmetto General Hospital is the first hospital in Miami-Dade County to offer this technology that offers an alternative to traditional, more invasive surgery.

“I can’t describe how thankful I am for the treatment I received from Palmetto General and from Dr. Valerio,” said Ronald. “He was always available whenever I needed him, even during a holiday, and always made sure my family was informed of my condition during my hospitalization.”

Ronald also emphasized that everyone, from the nursing staff to the housekeeping employees, made him feel like family.

Thanks to the innovative technology at Palmetto General Hospital, under the care of Dr. Valerio and the neurosurgical team, Ronald regained his health and is looking forward to many more worry-free vacations with his family.