Miss Hialeah Teen tours maternity suites where she was born

​Lelani Francis, ​maternity patient, Palmetto General Hospital

PGH_Lelani_Our StoriesIt’s difficult for Lelani Francis to express in words how proud she is of her children.

“Both are so talented in their own right,” she says. “From age 3 years old through high school, my son was an accomplished athlete, and on the other side of the spectrum, my daughter was recently named Miss Hialeah Outstanding Teen.”

As part of her title, Lelani’s daughter, Keilany, decided to give back to the community and support Palmetto General Hospital, where both she and her brother were born. She invited her parents to accompany her to a women’s event the hospital was hosting. While there, her mother heard about the hospital’s recently remodeled VIP maternity suites and was curious to see how they had transformed since her stays there many years ago. The staff took her and her family on a behind-the-scenes tour and Lelani was amazed by what she saw.

“I remember being impressed by the size of the room almost two decades ago when my children were born, but now it’s beyond spacious,” she says. “I know my husband would have appreciated the new pull-out sofa bed in the room!”

When Lelani walked out of the suite, she couldn’t help but feel sentimental. Being there brought back those early moments as a new mother.

“I thought about the caring and conscientious nurses who helped me get through 13 hours of labor with my son, and the skilled doctors who performed my C-section to have Keilany,” she says. “I vividly recall being wheeled out of the hospital with my newborns in my arms, excited about my family’s future.”

It was in that instant, while she was standing there with her now fully grown daughter, that tears began to fill her eyes.

“I thought about everything my children have accomplished, and all they have to look forward to. One day, Keilany hopes to work her way up to the Miss America pageant and my son plans to be a sports reporter. What can I say, my kids are ambitious!”

Lelani notes that she couldn’t think of a better place to have given birth to her children.

“The staff provided exceptional care back in the day, and I have no doubt that they still provide that same top-notch care. Now that the VIP suites have been remodeled, I recommend Palmetto General Hospital more than ever!”