Classes & Events

From tours of our Maternity Care Centers to classes and lactation consultants, our hospitals offer a wide variety of classes, programs and events to guide you in your new role as a mother.

We offer a variety of childbirth education classes, which are free to those who have chosen to give birth at Palmetto General Hospital. All classes are offered in English and Spanish. Available classes are listed below.

Childbirth Preparation

A four-week course designed to help pregnant women and their partners prepare for the birthing process. The class discusses aspects of labor, anesthesia, along with breathing and relaxation techniques. Participants will need to bring one pillow to the class.

Infant Breastfeeding

This class teaches expectant mothers the proper breastfeeding techniques, along with information on resources available to help ensure a successful experience. We recommend that expectant mothers take this class 1 month before their due date, but if you feel you need additional help after you have given birth, you are also welcome to attend the class.

Newborn Care

This class is meant to help expectant parents or other caregivers learn basic infant care, including feeding, diapering, health and safety, establishing routines, developing sleeping patterns, and choosing a pediatrician.

Car Seat Safety

A member of the Florida Highway Safety Patrol will instruct expectant parents, family members or other caregivers on how to properly install a child safety seat, and answer any questions about child restraints. Low-cost safety or booster seats are available for those who qualify.

Infant & Child Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

This class teaches CPR techniques for infants and children. It’s designed for parents, as well as family, friends or other caregivers who may be involved in caring for the infant. Participants will receive a certificate of completion for Infant/Child CPR.

Hospital Orientation Tour

This service provides expectant parents with a tour of the labor and delivery areas as well as information on pre-registration.

For a schedule of upcoming classes or to enroll, please call 888-620-1932 or use our online enrollment system below.