Having a cath lab onsite can make all the difference for you.

A cardiac catheterization is an interventional procedure that examines blood flow to the heart. A small tube (catheter) is inserted through a large artery and into the coronary arteries or the chambers of the heart itself. It can be used to diagnose blocked arteries, measure blood pressure and the amount of oxygen reaching the heart. It can also save your life.

Stopping a heart attack in its tracks

The benefits of a cath lab, and particularly one that’s located in the hospital, is that it can allow doctors to prevent a heart attack, or even stop one in progress.  This can save the heart muscles from further damage.

Find a heart doctor

One of the best ways to avoid heart emergencies is to see a doctor for a checkup. If you don’t have one, you can use our online Find a Physician tool to find a doctor that works for you.

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