Palmetto General Hospital Celebrates Real Life Heroes

Feb 12, 2020
Palmetto General Hospital reunited stroke survivors with Real Life Heroes at a last month’s celebration featuring their Comprehensive Stroke Center. The event honored emergency medical personnel and the hospital stroke team who helped save their lives.
When most people think of heroes saving the world, they picture Superman swooping in at the last minute to save the day, or the bomb squad barely defusing deadly devices in time.
But, there are other Real Life Heroes who save the world one stroke at a time. Acts of heroism are an everyday occurrence at Palmetto, from first responders, doctors, nurses and other team members that are committed to the health and wellness of patients and the community.
Palmetto is proud to be a Community Built on Care, and everyone on its team is a part of this. They have been on a journey to strengthen the care they provide to patients, and the impact they have in the community. That means continuing to make investments in areas that are critical to their future, while also focusing on operating efficiently and effectively.
In 2019, Palmetto’s focus is to build on their past success to deliver the best possible care, experience and value to all of their patients. The hospital is committed to ensuring continued focus on safety and quality, providing the community with best and most complete healthcare services within their neighborhood, offering great care locally and making it easier for patients to get follow-ups.
This event was important to hold in May because it is Stroke Awareness Month, and this is a great time to honor the courageous team behind the Comprehensive Stroke program.

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