Dr. Ritesh Kaushal Featured in inDoral Magazine

Feb 12, 2020

A neurointerventionlist surgeon endlessly seeking to perfect his technique, Dr. Ritesh Kaushal has cut stroke treatment—the time elapsed between a stroke’s onset to complete treatment—in half. With an average of 350 workdays a year, it’s easy to see that Dr. Kaushal’s commitment to saving stroke victims is first-rate. Stroke intervention (door to puncture) after the patient arrives at the hospital is 96 minutes and then Dr. Kaushal treatment is 37 minutes. His secret? He was given emergency lights by the City of Hialeah and the Hialeah Fire Emergency that helps him reach the stroke patient faster. This is important because we lose two million brain cells during a stroke every minute. As a result of Dr. Kaushal’s dedication to his work, many of his patients have survived strokes with little to no brain damage. A graduate of University of Chicago’s residency program and boasting nearly 20 years of medical experience, Dr. Kaushal’s experience and speed with stroke treatments is best in all of South Florida.

What is it about your field that you find personally interesting? What would others find interesting?

“Every person matters. Providing emergency care towards successful management of a highly debilitating disease like stroke is a reward in itself. Others can expect efficient and comprehensive care similar to what we would provide our own family members.”

Growing up, what’s the best advice a mentor gave you that still rings true? How did that advice impact your way of thinking?

“Usually during the training period, we tend to be much more technical and look at a problem/disease...as opposed to a person. It was after my training (which by itself was very good), that I was once told “It’s a person we’re treating...not a disease and it’s LIVING that is precious; not just LIFE.” This advice made me complete as a healer. It actually came from my wife…”

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