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Nelly's Story: Assistant Nurse Manager

by System on Feb 12, 2020, 11:49 AM
Nelly Diaz, assistant nurse manager, Palmetto General Hospital

Our-Stories-DiazNelly Diaz spent years taking care of patients in a labor and delivery unit — post-partum only. She never assisted with an actual birth, and eventually decided it was time to change that.

"I was always interested in the babies being born, but I never did it before," she says. 

And so 14 years ago, Nelly came to Palmetto to welcome the area’s newest residents the very second they came into the world. She loves her job and likes the fact that she sees women come back for their next delivery.

"We have the quality nurses, we have the quality rankings and we have the luxuries," Nelly says, mentioning the recent remodeling of the VIP maternity suites and the Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 

And Palmetto is home, where young mothers have a family and support system in place. Not to mention, familiar faces around the hospital.

"You are going to find that with a lot of the nurses who work in this department, there’s longevity," she says. "They work like a tight-knit family."

All the better for Nelly, who can’t get enough of ushering new life into South Florida.

"Helping doctors go through the process of delivering is beautiful," she says. "It is so rewarding to see a healthy newborn together with family members for the first time - that is something that makes me very happy."