Our Unique Experience

Caring for you.

No matter how you arrived at Palmetto General Hospital, whether it was an emergency or a planned visit, our priority is returning you to a better, healthier lifestyle.

Patient Centered Care

Due to the hospital’s advanced surgical technology, I only had to stay in recovery for four days. Everyone I met during my time at the hospital was amazing – the nurses and staff there are miracle workers! I owe it to Dr. Diaz and the staff at Palmetto General Hospital for giving me my mobility back. I’m already planning my next cruise and can’t wait to get off at each stop and explore! With my new hip and new life, I feel like I can do anything. – Maria Elena Tellez, patient

From the moment you make an appointment we try to make the experience as easy as possible with services like ER Check-In Online, which lets you avoid long waits in the waiting room when you need to visit the ER, and pre-registration at all of our hospitals to get you the treatment you need as quickly as possible.

We do our best to make you feel at home while you stay here. And once you leave, we hope our commitment to improving you health stays with you. To help you continue your healthy lifestyle, we provide a variety of resources, including free classes and events at the hospital.