I Am a Scheduled or Current Patient

Walking into a hospital is intimidating, but you can reduce your stress and anxiety when you know what to expect.

The more you know…

The care you receive at the hospital begins well before you walk through our doors. The more you understand about your particular condition and treatment, the more comfortable you’ll be while you’re in our care.

So we want to make it easy for you. Visit our online Health Library for in-depth health information. Get a comprehensive look at what to expect during your stay with us. And once you are discharged, find an appropriate Support Group to help you cope better and feel less isolated.

Current or Scheduled Patient Resources:

Past Patient Stories

Take comfort in the experiences of others who came before you. Read the stories of our past patients.

Request Medical Records

Learn about how you can access your medical records.

Pre-Register for Your Visit

You don't need to pre-register for your visit. But if you want to save some time at registration, you can fill out some information at your convenience online.

What to Expect

A trip to the hospital doesn't need to be unfamiliar. Learn about what to expect during a visit to Palmetto General Hospital.

What to Bring/What NOT to Bring

Some of the things you'll need during your stay are obvious. Others not as much. Learn what you should pack.

Our Unique Experience

Every hospital is different. Learn what sets us apart.

Diseases & Conditions Library

Learn about your own health with our online library of conditions.

Your Patient Rights

As a patient, you have rights. Read about them here.

Advance Directives

An advance directive lets others make informed decisions about your healthcare if you're no longer able. Do you have one?

Patient Portal

Get your health records and pay your bills online through the patient portal.

Interpretive Language Service

Access to 24 hour interpretation services

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