Weight Loss Surgery Program 

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Meet Our Director

Unhappy with your life because of obesity? Maybe it’s time you got the facts about weight loss surgery.

One in every three U.S. adults is obese. Obesity creates serious health risks including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and some forms of cancer. It’s a tough way to live--physically and emotionally.

Palmetto’s Weight Loss Surgery Program can help. We offer an alternative for people suffering from morbid obesity and have tried but failed to lose weight through diet and exercise.

Palmetto was recently named among the best in the region for bariatric surgery by Healthgrades in the "Choosing Bariatric Surgery to Improve Overall Health: 2012 Healthgrades Trend Report." Read more




Bariatric Procedures

Surgical weight loss procedures, also known as bariatric surgery, work to reduce the size of the stomach, allowing only small amounts of food to be consumed.

With Bariatric Surgery, the stomach is the size of a small pouch. It only holds small amounts of food, fills quickly and empties slowly. Patients feel full with just a small amount of food. The reduced caloric intake results in significant weight loss.

There are several different types of bariatric surgery. Our team works with qualified patients to determine which one is right for them.

Surgery is only part of the process. We take a holistic approach that provides patients with pre- and post-operative psychological counseling, personalized nutrition and fitness plans, as well as vitamin supplements.

Reasons to Choose Our Bariatric Program

  • One of two bariatric programs in South Florida certified by the American College of Surgeons
  • Certified by the American Society For Metabolic Bariatric Surgery
  • Experienced, Board-Certified Surgeon
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Compassionate, Caring Team
  • Holistic Approach

When you choose the Palmetto’s Weight Loss Surgery Program you receive more than a procedure. You are aided by a team of professionals, who guide you each step of the way through a life-changing journey to better health. Total patient satisfaction is more than a goal at Palmetto General Hospital, it is incorporated into all our processes and interactions with patients and families.

Attend Free Bariatric Seminar

Register Online or call 1-800-522-5292.

A great way to learn more about weight loss surgery is by attending a free informative seminar. Held in Palmetto’s conference centers, Dr. Jorge L. Sosa, Bariatric Surgeon, Director of our Program, leads the seminars and can answer your questions and concerns.

Spanish Seminars: 7 p.m. second Thursday of every month

English Seminars: 7 p.m. third Thursday of every month

Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. RSVPs are required, space is limited.




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